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Anne Artman

Anne Artman is well-known in Tacoma as a business leader and expert in behavioral health and addiction recovery. Anne has spent the past 20 years serving those most in need in our community at the Multicultural Children and Family Hope Center, and the non-profit she founded in 2014, the Tacoma Recovery Café, which has become the Tacoma Recovery Center.

Artman moved to South Tacoma in 1968 after her father was stationed at Fort Lewis. She attended Tacoma Public Schools and became deeply connected to the community. As a single mother raising her son in Tacoma’s District 5, Anne saw first-hand the challenges faced by families with limited resources for affordable housing, transportation, education, daycare and healthy meals.

In 2001, Anne decided to leave Microsoft and return to Tacoma to work at the Multicultural Child and Family Hope Center, a non-profit founded by her sister. Anne served as Program Director for the center’s Family Visitation and Parent for Parent program and during this time, she became aware of a gap in the services they were providing. Many of the families who struggled with economic stability, housing and childcare were also struggling with behavioral health, addiction and finding services to strengthen their recovery. Anne returned to college to obtain her Master’s degree in Addiction Counseling and in 2014 founded Tacoma Recovery Café (Center) where she would continue to help provide education and support services to veterans and other individuals who had been traumatized by the experiences of homelessness, addiction, and other mental health challenges. 

In addition to her work at the Tacoma Recovery Center, Anne Artman also served on Pierce County’s Opioid Task Force, the Accountable Communities for Health Opioid Task Force, and as a Board Member for Optum Mental Health, the TMA Mental Health & Substance Committee, VALEO Supportive Employment, and the Hilltop Business Association Board.

Now more than ever, as Tacoma struggles with a behavioral health, housing and addiction crisis, we need experience and leadership like mine on the City Council. I’ve been working on the ground with the City, County and State to solve these problems for over a decade, and I know my knowledge and expertise are necessary to bring about immediate and long-term solutions to challenges we face in Tacoma.”

-Anne Artman

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