Homelessness & Affordable Housing

Many factors impact homelessness, such as behavioral health and substance misuse, but the most important priority is affordable housing located in communities throughout Tacoma where individuals receive equitable access to affordable housing. Tacoma's homeless community is 68% African American and people of color...

Addressing homelessness and racial disparities within the key priorities is critical. This requires collaboration and commitment from the Tacoma City Council to create partnerships with the community, combine resources and increase supportive housing services with mental health and substance support that will improve obtaining and maintaining housing with sustainability. My education and experience working with the City, County, community and partner providers with shared goals, including our commitment to improving homelessness and behavioral health, remains my top priority. This is the foundation to change, and developing strong social service supports.

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Treating Behavioral Health & Substance Misuse

The substance misuse epidemic impacts our community every day. Mortality rates have spiked. The problem is plain to see,  but finding sustainable solutions can be a daunting task. Too often people suffering from addiction end up entangled in the criminal justice system, as substance misuse and addiction continue to increase across the nation. Tacoma needs an experienced leader to tackle these issues.

In 2016, Anne founded the Tacoma Recovery Center to meet the need she saw for holistic recovery support services. Guided by her educational background, she has been working at a state, county, and city level to address the opioid crisis and reduce the impacts of addiction in our communities. She is now ready to lead our city in the fight to support everyone facing addiction with holistic, wrap-around solutions.

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Social & Racial Justice

Like the rest of the country, our city is in the midst of an awakening around racial injustice. Right here in the 5th district of Tacoma, we experienced the death of Manny Ellis in police custody. Manuel Ellis’s tragic death is just one story among many, who have experienced racism and discrimination in the city they call home.

As a single, African American mother who has worked tirelessly for this community, Anne has the lived experience and understanding to address these challenges. On the City Council, Anne will work to ensure accountability, transparency and better opportunity for black and brown people living in Tacoma. This requires community engagement, leadership and police collaboration that addresses our community concerns and creates a safe and effective police department through solutions that ensure equality.

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Supporting Small Businesses

As a small business owner, Anne has personally experienced the challenges created by COVID-19. Small businesses and entrepreneurs help power our city by providing jobs, fueling our economy, and contributing to the innovation of the region. The principles of holistic recovery, which have driven her business, Tacoma Recovery Center, are the strategies Tacoma needs to employ as we rebuild our city. District 5, and especially the South Tacoma Way area, has great potential for economic growth and development.

By investing in these areas, restoring, and repurposing abandoned buildings, and supporting small businesses, District 5 can lead the way to robust economic recovery in our region. Anne has witnessed the impact of economic development in our community as both a business owner and 35-year resident in District 5. As a Tacoma City Councilmember, she will leverage her experience to help other small businesses recover and thrive post-pandemic.

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Now more than ever, as Tacoma struggles with a behavioral health, housing and addiction crisis, we need experience and leadership like mine on the City Council. I’ve been working on the ground with the City, County and State to solve these problems for over a decade, and I know my knowledge and expertise are necessary to bring about immediate and long-term solutions to challenges we face in Tacoma.”

-Anne Artman

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